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WellnessLinc Works With Your Company

Modernize your facility cost-effectively with the latest in care-giving technology


Should aging in place (at home) not be a safe option assisted living facilities offer a variety of facility types, with varying ranges of care, supervision and services.


Assisted living facilities provide care for residents with special needs or challenges, as well as senior residents with minimum assistive needs for their daily living care. As these facilities evolve, the added presence of WellnessLinc technology will improve quality of care and provide further independence, safety, security , and peace of mind for everyone.


Consider WellnessLinc for Your Assisted Living facility to:


  • Give your facility the edge in the industry, providing the latest in care-giving technology

  • Improve your service and care plans, offering       WellnessLinc assistive options with the least invasive and unobtrusive technology

  • Utilize WellnessLinc analytics for evaluation to establish range of care and services for your residents

  • Provide your residents personalized care plans

  • Improve quality of care to all residents with minimal costs to your facility


Consider WellnessLinc For Your Agency To: 

  • Let technology work for you 

  •  Acquire more patients

  •  Reduce costs of care to both you and your patients

  •  Service more patients with less staff 

  •  Maximize time management 

  • Improve customer retention – (proven extended life at home by two years)

  • Establish client relationships sooner – with this analytical assistive tool





As a pre-need tool, WellnessLinc begins the home-health/patient relationship.  It provides a comprehensive wellness overview, taking the frustration out, as definitive alerts, messages and data are actively being relayed in real time to your staff, from communicating sensors placed discreetly throughout the patient’s home, indicating the occurrences and non-occurrences in the health lifestyle of the individual. Questions are answered, with a clear picture of what is needed for the well-being of a patient, reassuring family members as your agency begins working and connecting with them.








Linking technology to care-giving and the wellness of seniors.





Today, people are living longer, choosing to live independently in their home environment, before having to transition to outside living facilities. 


In-home care is an option for those requiring care which cannot be provided by family or friends in the home. As home healthcare encompasses a wide variety of health and social services, it is important to determine exactly the extent of care needed and level of skill required.


Determining these needs can be trying, and very emotional times for families. As an assistive care-giving tool, to Home Health providers,  WellnessLinc unobtrusively makes available, exact and concise information, to correctly assess the specifics of care and skill levels needed for their patients.








A new tool for senior living facilities and home healthcare agencies.

    WellnessLinc, provides resident activity tracking, enabling your staff to provide customized care in an easy, affordable way.


How it Works: 

  • Smart sensors placed throughout the resident apartment  track activities and learn routines.

  •  Create staffing efficiencies to maintain operational costs through population management.

  •  Offer evidence-based data to support changes in levels of care. 

  • Provide enhanced, individualized support across the care continuum. 

  • Leverage customized trending analysis and early detection of changes in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) to achieve improved outcomes.

  •  Differentiate your community in the competitive marketplace. 

Care staff receives real-time notifications to check for vulnerabilities and deliver timely interventions.

Smart sensors placed throughout the resident apartment track activities and learn routines

Clinical staff uses enterprise dashboard to track trends for level of care planning

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